Penny Delray Promoted to Studio Leader


We are especially pleased to announce that our own Penny Delray has been promoted to Studio Leader for BDS! Penny has been designing with us for four years. Before joining Barrett Design Studio, Ms. Tant was a senior interior designer for two of Jackson’s major architectural firms. She was also an assistant vice president/facilities designer, for AmSouth Bank. She is N.C.I.D.Q certified (National Council on Interior Design Qualification). She is a professional member of the International Interior Design Association (I.I.D.A.).

In her new role as Studio Leader, Penny will be responsible for coordinating and leading our team of designers, allowing Barrett Design Studio to take on more ambitious projects, bringing “New York Style . . . Mississippi Grace” with us wherever we go!


I am very happy to have Penny as my facilitator and right hand woman.




“The discovery of a solar system as old as the Milky Way and with five Earth-like planets could shed new light on the possibility of ancient life forms in the galaxy.”

Just read this on Yahoo Trending.  We are SOOO with it!  I am working on a luxury hotel guest room with “Space, the Final Comfort” as our theme.  Not going to reveal it yet, but here is one of the possible pieces of art – provided by Art Dallas.

Is the Final Frontier our future?

Is the Final Frontier our future?

Thoughts from my Gulf Coast Tourism talk.

Hernando Lobby in progress

Hernando Lobby in progress

As I reviewed in my tourism talk on the Gulf Coast last month, the tourism industry and the hospitality industry are on fire right now.  We are very busy with hotels around the country.  It is quite exciting.  There were 3 points that I wanted to stress in my talk.

1. High Tech.  If you ask what the traveler is looking for now, it is simply a place to pug in!  Your hotel room MUST have lots of outlets – right?  In the head board is a wonderful place for them.  We ALL travel with an I-Phone, an I-pad, and maybe a lap top.  We need juice!  and WiFi!  Along with this need comes the design of interactive furniture and TVs.  The future is here.  No doubt about it.

2.  Tell A Story.  All of our hotels tell a story.  The guest wants to know about the local, or the owners, if a B&B, or the history.  It is our job as the designer to find the story and tell it visually.  I love that part of our process.

3. Classic and Hip.  We must keep our designs classic so they stay relevant.  But we also must keep up with the styles – OR stay ahead of them.  I am ALWAYS watching.  Always paying attention to fashion, news, art etc., for ideas.

And by the way – the Hernando Hotel is finally about to open!  progress shot above.

CBD - Back Deck I  - 8.14

CBD - Back Deck II - 8.14

Summer will soon be gone, but there is still time to enjoy your back deck. Pour yourself some cold lemonade or sweet iced tea and soak up the rays in your outdoor space. Add a few colorful touches to your deck area like some bright, patterned pillows on a bench or festive patio umbrellas and you’ve got an instant party atmosphere.  Perhaps those lime green and teal blue umbrellas are now on sale? With nice weather through September you will still get plenty of use out of them. PHOTOS SHOWN: Back deck design and extension in Madison, MS by Barrett Design Studio. For more inspiration, check out

Colorful decks create an instant outdoor party!

CBD - New Austin Image

Décor can be rustic and contemporary just like this Texas hotel that Celia Barrett Design, LLC designed in Austin. Notice how we added an accent piece of a rough, natural pine-stained console to contrast with the contemporary lobby surroundings. The drawers and cabinet faces are a rough, cut wood with a large-scaled hobnail trim around the base. We think it gives the space a “Texas touch” without being too western. For more inspiration, check out

Inspired by the Lonestar state…see our “Texas Touch!”


We have been so crazed this past year with work that I almost never post! I hope to do better.
In the mean time, we have finally had the Hampton Inn in Austin, TX photographed. It was designed about a year ago and completed early last year.  But just have not been able to get back to Austin to photograph it.  SO – we finally found someone locally to do it for us.

Here is the beginning of these photos.  It was a MAJOR renovation.  We totally gutted the existing lobby.  Both the front desk and the focal wall have a bamboo frame around them with a bright green inside border.  The color scheme uses blues and purples to reflect the bluebonnets of Texas and the local Violet festival.

Focal Wall covering is a "snake skin" look.

   Focal Wall covering is a “snake skin” look to reflect cowboy boots!


High Fashion in Ridgeland

Almost finished with our Ridgeland Hampton Inn & Suites.  So excited about this one.  I must say – it is going to be SOOO beautiful!  We are about to send in the full submittal to Hilton.  I’m sure they will ask us to tweak it.  But if they will keep most of it, I have no doubt it will be fabulous!  The site is in Jackson’s – or Ridgeland‘s – higher end shopping district, so we went high fashion.  OR as high as one can get in a Hampton.  –But that can be pretty high!!!!

cascading fabric of crystalsCrystal and gold!!  Yes, Gold is back!