HALIFAX! Peggy’s Cove


Peggy’s Cove in Halifax




This is Peggy’s Cove in Halifax.  After our great tour of the carpet factory, we had a day of pure joy.  I took this with my IPhone.  There was no direction that was not the perfectly charming scene.  We viewed the ocean, shopped the quaint shops, ate lots of lobster and Halibut.  It was just a truly inspiring trip for all of us.  –YES – GO!!

The lighting was soft edged sunlight.  These anchors look like they were ordered from Central Casting.



A few of us in the office, myself and 3 of my designers, were treated to a tour of the Tandus-Centiva carpet factory in Halifax, Canada.  We learned quite a bit!  Please note the huge steel toed shoes we had to wear!  I’ll also show a few of the incredible photos of the sites.  Thank  you, Jason, James and Christopher, our hosts.