You may have noticed that each of my design staff is writing in our blog now.  They are all terrific and I am fortunate to have such a talented group!  So I hope you will enjoy their posts.

Last Monday, I was one of the speakers at the MS Governor’s Conference on Tourism.  I was thrilled to do it.  It was held at the Beaux Rivage Hotel and Casino on the MS Gulf Coast.  My talk was on design for B&B, Lifestyle and Boutique Hotels.  So I thought I would go through a few of the points with you here.

What a delightful and pleasant group of people I met!  My audience was, mostly, the MS Bed & Breakfast group.  I really didn’t realize how many beautiful and charming B&Bs were here in the state! It is a hard working group.  They truly care about their guest’s comfort and enjoyment of their towns and cities.  I was impressed.  And I thank them for having me at their conference.

While on the coast I stayed at a beautiful B&B just a stone’s throw from the Beau Rivage.  I was the guest of Walter and Katherine Blessey.  This was my lovely room, with my own entrance and a view of the Gulf.  You may want to check them out at

I will follow this post with some of the points that I presented in my talk.  It was not a lengthy talk, but I felt it had a few good ideas.    Most of our hotel designs are more contemporary than the average B&B, but the principals of design hold true.

And by the way, the few moments I was able to spend at the B&B were most relaxing and comfortable.

Chateaux Blessey room with toile canopy.

Chateaux Blessey room with toile canopy.

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