This past Saturday I attended the IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Regional awards Gala. We won the Hospitality Award of Recognition for our design of the Hampton Inn in Hammond, La.  I am very proud of this one.  We did quite a bit of space planning and design work to make the space function.  Several walls were removed and added.   This was our Project statement:
• When a new guest walks into this Hotel, the interior says to them, this is an easy place in which to relax and feel at home.
• It tells them about the location and town immediately.
–The Fleur de lis reflect the history of the area.
• The interior reflects the historic charm of the older downtown.
–The early 20th century downtown is mostly red brick buildings.  We encased all of the lobby columns in red brick.
–The artwork reflects the historic railroad running through the downtown.
–Patterns found in the architectural relief of the older buildings are picked up in the circular patterns..
•The client wanted the lobby to have a generous and bountiful feeling.
–The original space was smaller and closed in.  We opened the floor plan by relocating the business center and removing walls to open the lobby.
–This is also accomplished with exaggerated, “fat” bases on all of the furniture.  The curves in the chairs also contribute to this.
•The large central wall dividing the lobby was removed and replaced with a smaller dividing wall with sliding glass doors.
•The lounge seating is placed along the window walls for balance and repetition.  And this gives the lobby a mix of dining and relaxing areas.
•Across from the front desk was opened for better sight lines for the concierge.  It gives a more open feeling to the space.

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