French lessons in Hammond

Fleur De Lis panels for Hammond, LA community table

Fleur De Lis panels for Hammond, LA community table

(I can’t quite figure out the new format for this blog.  I must say, I liked the old one better.  It was easier.  so if this is awkwardly layed out, well, I’m working on it.)

But, let me show you the hotel we completed in Hammond, Louisiana.  It was quite a makeover.  If you are in the area, stop by.   It is the Hammond exit off interstate 55. Our concept is simple:

When a new guest walks into this Hampton, the interior says to them, this is an easy place in which to relax and feel at home.  The people are friendly and the hotel is modern with all the amenities.  Yet it is sophisticated and beautiful.  

It tells them about the town of Hammond immediately.  It brings out the interesting elements of Hammond’s historic and charming downtown.  The 1930’s buildings are mostly built from red brick.  The subtle French influence of this area of Louisiana is reflected in the Fleur de Lis pattern on the front desk and community table.

The railroad runs through the center of the town, as it has since the early 20th century.  This is reflected in the photo selection for the artwork.

We wrapped all of our columns in red brick. After opening up a few walls, we even added a few columns just to make it balanced and interesting.   Circular shapes are repeated in many details, fabrics and accessories, and a gray washed wood look floor gives us a soft ground for the color palette.  We had to tie the color scheme to an existing area so we updated it with grays, tannish golds and touches of red.  This one has a sophistication that I really like.  Take a look at it.  I hope you like it too.  I know our clients love it.  That makes me happy.

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