Coming Soon – Small town, big style

We submitted our design for the Brookhaven Holiday Inn Express just before the holidays.  It is a long process to get it approved and built.  But it is on its way.  Our contractor has been doing as much as he could while waiting for our final approval from IHG – Intercontinental Hotels Group.   

Our concept is very loosely based on the style of many old houses in the beautiful historic areas of Brookhaven.  Of course, I do mean “very loosely”.  IHG always wants the Express to have a contemporary look.  And we are providing that.  But I think it is important to do something that ties the hotel to its locale.  Brookhaven is a beautiful town.  So I wanted to add architectural details that said “early 20th Century”.  But these same details have a very contemporary side, of course. 

We are adding a fireplace in the front lobby.  It is surrounded by marble and glass.  —and very elegant.  But it has a real coziness to it at the same time.  Our feature fireplace is more of a rectilinear shape and sits in a dividing wall between the front desk and the dining and lounge areas.  Originally, I wanted to have it completely floating in glass, but we had to add the center wall to hold the flat screen TV on the opposite side. We are placing two “MADMEN” style lounge chairs in front of the fireplace.  I’ll show you our color scheme soon.  After showing the client 4 schemes, she loved the final.  You will too, I hope.

I”ll give you a few more details soon.  We used some really nice touches taken from old houses.  My favorite will be in my next blog post.  Our columns on each side of the fireplace are 2 of 4 that make a square in the lobby.  They will be covered in a small mosaic tile.  This is going to be SOO pretty!

Our original design for the fireplace wall.  --all glass!

Our original design for the fireplace wall. –all glass!

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