style update – Shall we change our artwork a bit?

Let’s look at one more aspect of our updating efforts.  Your artwork….also traditional?  Lots a really beautiful landscapes and still lifes?  I have no doubt that they are truly wonderful and that you love them.  I would never tell you to get rid of them.  ….OR would I?   mmmmm…w.e.l.l…… Let’s put it this way.    I know many artists who are making sure they add a few abstracts to their portfolio.   I will tell you about one of my favorite artists, Don Jacobs.  He is an amazingly talented painter and muralist here in the Jackson area.  His work is photographic, if he wants it to be.  But just recently he said he needed to do more abstracts.  Now, Don is SO GOOD at realism, but I asked him to do his version of your baisic “color splash” painting.  This is his answer.

“THE APPROACH”, artist: Don Jacobs

He called it “The Approach”.  I love it!  I’m sure the photo I took with my cell phone does not do it justice.  But I would place this in any contemporary or traditional or transitional interior anywhere!  It is truly a tranquil view of water with mixed clouds.Is he talking about the fact that it feels like I am looking at the island in the distance and I am approaching it?  Or is it the approach of a storm forming in the distance?  The future owner of this painting will have hours a pleasure pondering the rich colors and forms that are in this canvas.  And the, almost,  tone on tone use of a multitude of blues is truly moving, emotionally.  

Just the addition of a few new pieces of artwork in your home can bring on a fresh look.  If you add one or two abstracts, I love what it will do to a traditional interior.  OR if you prefer to find a piece like Don’s, I know you will enjoy it for years.  If the piece is gallery wrapped and the work goes all around the sides of the canvas, don’t frame it.  This one we are hanging without a frame at all. — Gives it a casual loft-like feeling.

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