style update- PUDDLEGATE! …OR…- to shorten or not to shorten?

We must, simply must, address the PUDDLE GATE situation.  I LOVE my puddles.  Yes, we are talking about draperies.  Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, oh so lovely, draperies with a puddle at the base.  BUT – the design police will not let me use them anymore!!!  SO, I am finally ready to go with them.  I don’t really have a choice. 

OK – I know it may be more “practical”.   And in today’s economy, anything lush is not what we are doing now.  So I give up.  I don’t mean to sound cynical.  I even, basically, agree.  I just don’t want to be dictated to by trends.  Well, Celia, get over it!  OK, I guess I will.    We are installing a new project tomorrow.  And, yes, our draperies have a break, not a puddle.  I’ll send you a photo of the installation later this week.  Not pro shots, that takes a little more time to accomplish.  Just a snap shot.

The point is, several of these truly beautiful draperies CAN be updated very simply and quickly.  We can take them back to our workroom and take up the hem. Yep, that is all it takes.  Just like a dress that is just a bit too long.  Some of these luxurious rooms should not go too short.  It would not  make sense for the overall look.  But we can simplify the puddle.  I think a full break, one that gives us just a little fabric still on the floor, will be enough to bring us up to date.    Again, I don’t advice going crazy over this.  But I know things can be updated and simplified very easily.

Recent installation with a simple “break”.

I know we can all handle this transition, if we take it slowly and not go overboard.  We can smooth out the lines of our rooms with just a few instructions to workrooms or other contractors or vendors.  So don’t panic.  Help is on the way.  You don’t have to start over!  We will tweak.  I’ll address the next step soon. 

2 thoughts on “style update- PUDDLEGATE! …OR…- to shorten or not to shorten?

  1. I’m liking this template more and more. Kristen tells me you’re interviewing for Anna’s post, which will be vacant due to marriage. Bless her. Hope you find someone you can really put to work. More later.


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