style update-Interior Designers NYC

I learned so much in all my years as an interior designer in New York.  I loved it.  and I still love it.  It is energizing, stimulating, inspiring……….all of the above.  I am back and forth now, but every time I am in the city, I learn something new.–still. I finally gave up my Chelsea office/apartment.  Now I share a tiny office on the Upper East Side.  And that works well for me.  I can service my New York/New Jersy clients well from there.   

With a search for a way to transition my long standing clients into a more contemporary and updated style, I ran across this fabulous bed.   The lines of it blend well with traditional looks, yet still brings us all into the 21st century.  I love this one.

I’ll take a look at several things that can update a traditional interior in the next few weeks.Great bed to transition into contemporary style

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