You might try this……Inverted Pleats


When you want to add a pretty tassel trim across the top of your draperies, use flat inverted pleats.  This will help the trim to lay flat and keep the tassels in a row.   This one is a black tassel across a very subtle green and ivory silk stripe.  It was tricky to pleat it just right to make the stripes look right.  But our workroom is the best!  

 The black picks up on the black inlays in the furniture.  Just the right aged gold hardware gives it the grace and style needed.

I’ve used this in a quiet dining room.  It makes for good digestion to have a pretty room in which to dine, now doesn’t it.

YOU MIGHT TRY THIS…….just a simple wash on inexpensive chairs

I used a fabulous antique French farm table, circa 1860 in this kitchen area.  Yes, it was not…inexpensive.  But the chairs were!  The client had purchased these simple kitchen chairs before we meet.  But they were too perfect for the farm table.  So we used a soap paint wash on them and gave them a white washed look.  It gives them the feeling that they were in that “old farm house” with the table oh so long ago.

Antique farm table with simple white washed chairs

A few additions to complete the look were old wooden bowls to hold your daily fruit. And for a simple server in the background, we found a pine chest, also a really old piece, but I’m, honestly, not sure on the date.  It had the right look. In the seat of each chair I added a comfy cushion made from a Cowtan and Tout fabric.  It is very fresh and pretty.  I added a very colorful Heriz rug underneath the table.  It adds great color and the geometric shapes in the Heriz are casual enough to work here. Every piece does not have to be the best antique or the top of the line.  I find this is a great mix of antique and “not so antique”.  But they are very happy together.

You might try this……..books as a table

You might try this…..before I move on from “ideas with books” let me suggest a fun little spot.

I like to stack a few books and use them as a little surface to hold a coffee cup, or a small potted plant, just something to accent a corner or next to a bed or chair.

        It is simple and easy.  Of course, if you can find some great old books with a good patina, all the better.   

What helps the look of this whole room is the fantastic rug under this antique French bed.  And I love the use of a rich coral velvet spread.  Gives it a little feel of luxury. 

         Why not?!!!                                                                                 


 Finally, I am starting our new column, “You might try this…”  And yes, if you are a fashion fan, you will recognize that I have stolen an idea from the wonderful Diane Vreeland. In her biography, it talks about a column she used to write on fashion tips called “You might want to..”

We’ll start with one of my favorite decorating directions.  BOOKS.  Lots of books.  You might want to try using books as a full wall of decorations.  With the use of Kindles instead of books, I love the look even more. 

BOOKS! Lots of them!

Of course, the lighting makes this work.  I have indirect lighting along the dome down this hall.  And we used copper leafing to make this ceiling glow. Natural light comes from the line a french doors that are parallel to the bookcases.  And an occasional fern or other potted plant adds to the comfortable look. I love what the antique rugs do to this long gallery of books.  And I have used high gloss lacquer paint all the way. It is a wonderful cinnabar color.   I then just added a few of the clients unique accessories here and there.   Try it, even in a small area.  By the way, I love books in the dining room too!