DAY FIVE – SEXY SHEERS, PROPER PATTERNS(click title to leave comment)

   This is my sexy room.  It just is.  My client was adorable when we started this project.  A woman, obviously.  She had been divorced before she moved to Manhattan.  She had furniture, but wanted to keep nothing but this bed, which she had recently purchased.   (I confess, I was glad to hear it.  The big green monster in the living room was, I think, suppose to be a sofa)  She wanted her new man to be comfortable in her apartment.  He was.  He married her.

Sexy, sensual, pretty…..does this say “Be My Valentine” or not!

   This project was a delight to do.  I took advantage of the four cornered iron bed by using a flowing shiny silver sheer.  The existing paint in the room was an off white and since this was a rental, I could not even add paint.  If this is your situation, take a moment to look at the white.  there are a million tones of white.  This was a cool white, so I went with cool tones, overall.  The silver gray sheers literally “connect” the bed to the wall, architecturally.  A little trick for the eye… tying the drapes at the top of the bed up high and the drapes at the bottom of the bed much loser, it opens up the bed visually, and this detail is what holds the bed to the wall. 

   Because I could not change anything structurally, and it was an existing space with, frankly, absolutely no redeeming architectural details,  the fabrics and special touches hold a lot of weight.    The custom bedding is made from a really sophisticated print with a black ground and a tan, gold and gray pattern  with medallions  and arabesque details.  I contrast that pattern with a gold, silver and black checkerboard pattern on the custom bedskirt.  The shams are a combination of Euro Squares across the headboard with standard size shams across the front.  All 5 shams have the same stuffed flanges with black and grey stripes.  For one single punch of color in the center, I have a plush purple ball, my signature,  just like a big purple grape in the middle of the bed. 
   The area rug here is crucial.  It took a lot of searching to find this wonderful, very large scaled Mahal.  But it brings a fabulous grounding element.  And it is beautiful. 
    At the window, I used a very special gold semi sheer.  But with a fabric that “showy”, you must keep the design very simple.  this one cascades down the sides and swags across the top.  It  IS  structured and professionally made and installed.  I think that is very important. 
   In front of the window you can see the sillhouette of what is the most beautiful chaise I think I have ever had made.  It is a one sided, neoclassical elegant chaise longue with silver gray velvet and a really pretty bolster and lacquered table.  This secret corner can be seen on the website: .  I hope you can check it out.  But my rules for this Romantic Bedroom series is one photo – bed area only.
“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies  —Aristotle

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