DAY THREE – TIMELESS AND COLORFUL(click title to leave comment)

OK –had computer problems over the weekend. And what a week it was! We were all working hard to get the presentation boards finished for a hospitality project that we are working on. I have to admit, it is going to be a fabulous project! Can’t wait to show you—–later.
But, let me get back to our residential projects – AND our Romantic Bedrooms.  This one was a challenge.  My client is in the middle of Manhattan and bought this condominium.  Here is her dilemma.  She is a single mom with two young children.  She bought the apartment from a bachelor. Yes, the bedroom had a distinct “bachelor pad” look to it.  But she couldn’t do a full gutting and do over.  So we added the female touches and connected it to the existing items.

First, the bed itself. Big….leather…..gray.  My client is from Florida originally, so she really loves color.  Lots of color, bright colors.  My challenge was to give her the bright colors, connect them with the cool gray, and give the room a little femininity. After much searching, I found a print she loved that had her favorite –yellow.  And I embraced the gray, which is an elegant neutral, so I am happy.  The cool tones are a great backdrop for bright colors.  And guess what! I get to go with lots of silver! I love silver!  Old silver, new silver, aged silver leafing, bright clear silvers.  The elegance it brings to any room is so…..pretty.


With the print in place, I decided to use almost all solids in the rest of the room.  I made fantastic shams to lift the eye a little, from the low bed.  Now it was time to add an elegant yellow Scalamandre silk.  It is a sunflower yellow, bright but not over the top.  Wonderful with gray.  This made long full flowing draperies.  A high quality silk can make all the difference when you are making draperies for a wide window.  I have learned from the very best workrooms, always line and interline.  Yes, it adds to the cost of labor.  But boy, does it make a beautiful drape, I mean the way the fabric falls.  You want it to cascade down the wall.  You want to look at it and…sigh.   I love that.

With lots of yellow silk, I wanted to have very graceful lines, so I asked the workroom to do one very large swag across the window.  After I begged Michael, my workroom owner, for forgiveness, he, as usual, came through with a perfect window.  He says he has started called my drapery designs Barrett Specials.  I’m not sure if he meant it as a compliment, but, well, I’ve decided to take it that way.  I think you should definitely take a look at the full room on my website.  There is another window to the right of this photo.  But it has a soffit over it.  So we could not do the same treatment.  You may have noticed that the draperies have a border of a gray fabric.  It is an inexpensive chintz – works every time. The other window also has a French bureau plat (writing desk) with a silver leaf finish and a lacquered black top.  ….another story…. you will find it on .

 Back to the bedroom area itself.  In front of the big window, she wanted a seating area.  We used basic slipper chairs in a gray strie fabric.  It is a wool gabardine fabric that has a soft sheen.  I added yellow silk lumbar pillows with gray chintz welting.  This ties them to the draperies behind them. 

 The whole principal of the big columns of yellow is to give an almost architectural backdrop to the entire room.  And did you notice?  I love this —  To accent the touches of silver that are used throughout the room, I went for the biggest fattest tiebacks I could find in silver metallic threads!  Oh how fun is that!  And instead of using them to tie back the draperies, I hung them from the edges of the really big valance.  A little different.  And it worked for me and my client.

Now we go to my favorite thing in the room.  Or favorite things….. silver leafed end tables…    They have graceful feminine curved legs.  It is a French look,  a neoclassical style with the corner blocks and appliquéd piece applied on the front drawers.  The tops are black glass.  I found these silver, yes, silver, not chrome, lamps who’s basic lines let the silver be the star.  When something has a great finish, keeping the lines of the piece simple is always a good idea. 

For a romantic detail that was not TOO expensive, I added a flat weave Aubusson rug.    This one has a floral pattern and picks up on the grays with a finish aged with a tea wash.  I think it adds that feminine touch we are looking for here.  It leads you from the entry door of the room to the writing desk that I mentioned. 

It is made just a liitle more romantic by adding red lilies at the window in a tall vase.  I placed elegant white tulips,  gracefully folding over the vase, on the bedside.  Always ask yourself, what is seen behind the flowers.  Can you look at the vase and actually see these beautiful touches?  Flowers can be expensive, so make the most of them.

 Sunny, comfortable, enticing.  Feminine, but I do think the man in her life will be comfortable here.  Don’t you? 

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