DAY TWO – a French look(click title to leave comment)

Our next romantic bedroom is bright and sunny.  The walls have a glaze over them with a high sheen.  I told the painter that I wanted them to look wet.  It is difficult to see that in the photo, I think.  But it took these walls two days to dry!  Boy, it was hard to keep the dust away, I gotta tell you.  But we managed. 

Antique bed and Mahal rug

This really beautifully carved antique bed I found at ABC Carpet and Home in Manhattan.  If you are not familiar with that store/showroom, it is an amazing place.  Six floors of delight.  I know you have seen this type of bed before, but this is one of the prettiest versions of it I have ever seen.  My client loved it.  And so do I. 

Now, some of the romantic details in this room are the plush velvet bedspread, with silk pillows, banded in our cinnabar velvet and a classic chinoiserie linen print on the windows.  The color palette in this one is a very deep rich cinnabar color with soft salmons and warm golds.  We took her French bergere chair and recovered it with a soft butter yellow very subtle  print.
The chests on the side of the bed are English and work very well with the curvilinear shapes of the bed and other pieces in the room.  By the way, you can see the rest of the room on our website, .  This one has a fantastic master bath with it.
I must mention this rug.  It is a Mahal style rug.  It is not an antique, but not brand new either.  It has such a rich look to it, that I was happy to find it.   The wool is very soft and lustrous.  The pile is tight.  The warp is mostly cotton.  But that is standard.  I think that a beautiful Persian rug adds an exotic and,  yes, romantic look to any room. 
Accessorizing makes this room.  I have a collection of tortoise-shell boxes on the bedside chest.  Adding a collection of your favorite items placed in a structured way make a great table scape.  Old books always add a touch of warmth.   But it is the bed itself that is the showcase for this cozy,  inviting room.  The color palette itself is very important here.  And adding greenery gives it a fresh feel.  You will see  in the rest of the photos that there is a charming sitting area to the left of this chair.  I would go into the other details in the room, but for now, we are letting the bed and surrounding area be the focus of our conversation.  By the way, of course, it was originally a full size bed.  We had the rails removed and made new rails for the sides.  I was able to make it into a queen size bed.  Oh yes, again, I love my pillows on the bed.  And I used a ball pillow again – in a very lush fabric!  I find these colors and textures almost edible, they are so delicious.  Could that be …….love?
“Thou art to me a delicious torment”  –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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