Launching our ROMANTIC BEDROOM series(click title to leave comment)

From now until Valentine’s Day, I will take one bedroom per day and talk about the design and decorating tips that make it a romantic bedroom.  On the 10th or the 11th, I want you to tell me which 3 bedrooms you feel are the most romantic.  On Valentines Day – the 14th, we will say which is the winner.  You can tweet it, comment on the blog, or go on our Facebook, Celia Barrett Design.

At random, here is the first one:

Asian Influences, Pretty Details.

Asian influences, pretty details.

On the wall, I have had painted, large squares.  These are lacquered with a shiny finish.  It gives the room itself a sort of “bling”.   On the floor is an antique Art Deco rug from the 1920s.  These usually had, as this one does, a Chinese look to them.  But much prettier than the Chinese sculptured rugs.  And a lot more valuable.  This one has wonderful purples and greens in it.  I took the color scheme from it and found a floral that picks up on these tones.  The floral, to me, has a subtle asian feel to it. 
This room has soooo many romantic touches in it.  And they are not hard to emulate.  Starting with the windows, I used a very gauzy linen sheer and had it made into Austrian shades.  The light that these allow into the room is soft and no at all brutal.  On the side window, I used a full width panel and pulled it back just to one side.  It is tied back with a nice big tassel tieback and allowed to puddle ont the floor.  –a romantic touch in itself.
But I think one of the items that make this room, is the chaise that faces the bed.  It is draped with a fantastic purple throw, perfect for reading that romantic novel and enjoying a little glass of warm sake.  Maybe place a dish of edamame to go with it.  I have an antique kimomo hanging on the wall behind this chaise.  To take a look at it, just go to the website and find more photos of this room.
Now, let’s look at the bed itself.  This one is very high, literally, very tall – high off the ground.  I like this because I am able to use the floral linen print as the bedskirt and really see the pattern.  For the bedspread I kept it very simple.  It is a contemporary pattern of small green squares.  And I lined the spread with a band of green silk.  this same green silk is used in other details around the room. 
And I love my upholstered big ball!  Yes, I do use this often in bedrooms.  It makes a statement on the bed.  And loosely hanging an elegant tassel  off the end of it, just gives it the perfect finish.
Yes, I’ve mixed my Asian countries in this one.  But I like it.  It works.  The purples and apple greens are the right colors for this, yes, romantic, softly oriental, bedroom.
Oh yes, the headboard! –  Well, I confess… is Italian.  Oh well, The sillouette that it creates against the green lacquered walls is just what I was looking for in this design.
By the way, I used a prayer table with storage below, for a dresser.  And the artwork is a collection of oil paintings in varying styles that all pick up just a little bit of purple. 
“She is like a porcelain doll.  She sets me on fire”  Lieutenant Pinkerton, Madame Butterfly.
I think this one may be hard to beat, romance wise.  But let’s see what I can come up with tommorow.

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