Drapery Details

Pretty silk draperies with pleated details

don’t know what made me think of this.  I’m sitting on my bed with my Saturday morning coffee.  (I love my Sturday mornings!)  and I looked up at my bedroom draperies.  No, this is not mine.  But I started thinking about drapery details.  Weird, huh.  anyway, God is in the details.  If you look closely, I have a pretty decorative “drop” sewn onto each pleat.  It just makes it a little special and a little more custom.  Of course, “passementerie” can be expensive.  You could skip every other pleat to use less  tassel drops.  And, it could be tassels, not the hand made “drops”.  Those could be found in the local fabric or craft store.

I also really like this finial.  The windows were very high and almost to the ceiling.  So I needed a large scale finial.  This one is fabulous.  —-black and gold neoclassical shape.  Yes, I do use a lot of neoclassical details.  It is my favorite period style.  I can’t help it.  But it isn’t always the right one.  Maybe we’ll talk about period details later. 

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