Barcelona Chairs – basic black

Basic Black Barcelona Chairs with Corbu

We used these wonderful Barcelona chairs in the reception area for a CPA firm in Ridgeland, MS.   I thought I would show them because they are very hot right now – again.  Of course, they have never cooled down, but I’m seeing them pop up in tweets and blogs all over the place.  They will never go out of style – never.

The design concept for this office was to create a mood of Wall Street level professionalism, confidence and energy.  The clients did not want the interior design to be intimidating or, at all, over the top.  However, I wanted it to reflect these qualities with the use of balance, symmetry and quality materials.  Black leather and stainless steel…marble and glass.  What says Wall Street more directly?  I used a wood frame on the custom green glass stair railings and repeated a few wood touches throughout the project.  This kept it from being too too Bauhaus.
The client is happy, so I am happy.  This project also won a regional A.S.I.D. award.   
I SOOO love the Corbusier sofa with its strong blocky contemporary lines and the bent steel frame.  And it works beautifully with the Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona chairs.  These have been my favorites for a very long time.  Yes, they are very comfortable.
I added a large marble top coffee table and had the furniture company install the same cool green marble that we used on the floor inserts and the reception area.

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