Cherner Chairs- Mid Century Modern

MId-Century Modern.  mmmm….thinking….yes, I do love it.  Having studied interior design in a school of architecture at Auburn University in the 70s(OK, I’m dating myself), it was all Bauhaus all the time!  It was drilled into our brains and our senses and I accepted it, drank the Kool Aid, as they say.  And I”m still drinking it.  Yum.  I strongly believe that all design students graduating today should be very familiar with Marcel Breuer, Mies Van der Rohe, and Walter Gropius, one of the first directors of the Bauhaus and the one we often credit with founding the school as we know it.

Of course, The Bauhaus was founded in the early part of the century, not the mid-century.  But it’s influence has lasted well into this century.   I could go on and on about  history.  I love design history and how it relates to the events and the politics of the day.  BUT, let’s get a little more frivolous, for heavens sake!

One of the …shall we say, peripheral related styles , still considered mid-century, was De Stijl.  And one of it’s top artists was Piet Mondrian.  I am a big fan.  I have been since my early days in school when I actually did a paper on De Stijl. (another story).

Anyway, I thought I would  show you one of  my versions of mid-century.  I did not go 100% with it.  The project is a home office.  I had an artist paint the back wall in a “Mondrian” style mural.  I used a Knoll credenza, my favorite.  Then I threw in one non mid-century element, an antique table to be used as a desk.  In front of this desk I used the Cherner Chairs.  They are like sculptures in the middle of the room, smooth curves that contrast with the blockiness of the mural, but  reflect my use of ovals that are picked up in several elements.

Mix of elements makes a softened mid century look
Mix of elements makes a softened mid century look

Also, the arms of the chairs are a match to the black lines I had painted on the mural as dividers(Mondrian’s idea).

I suppose the point is to find an overall look that you love.  Find a style that exites you.  Then add a few contrasting elements for a surprise.  I will go into more detail about this room at a later date.  There are many wonderful details that I truly enjoyed putting together.  …….no, I’ll save it for later.

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