Design changes – all contemporary?

My elegant lobby chandelier

I was recently working on the lobby of a well know hotel chain project.  It is located in an an area that is steeped in tradition and history.  I had presented the design with some traditional elements because I thought the local people would like that.  But I was asked by the corporate office to change those elements to a more contemporary look. 

I do understand that.  The hotel has an image they are trying to keep consistant in all their hotels.  And they do allow elements in the design that ring true to the area.  So I think the local peolple were happy with it also.  And when a traveler stops at this hotel, they have expectations that are met.   I was just fine with the changes.  And the fact is, they had very good points and I really like what we ended up using in the lobby.   We have now worked with several franchises, and they all want the contemporary look.  I LOVE the sleek lines and patterns used.  

Wouldn’t it be fun to design a “Grand Hotel” type lobby that dripped with Louis XVI neoclassical touches, old luxury and lots of marble.  OOPS – I guess that has been done….. – ……I need to go to Paris.  Immediately!

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