Frank O. Gehry. Inspiring.

Frank Gehry's Bilbao

I just finished watching a video on the design process of Frank O. Gehry, the amazing architect.  I felt he confirmed my thinking and pushed me to ponder the process and take it further.  I suppose it is my theatre background, but the way I begin a project is to ask:  When I walk into the space for the first time, how do I feel?  How does this environment make me feel?  That is a very difficult question to answer.  But I think to have a truly successful design, you must, as a designer, answer it.  In that sense, it is a little like set design.  Accept in set design, the director tells you how he wants it to make you feel.  Your job is to bring that to a visual answer.

Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum  – Bilao, Spain…..magnificent, soaring, elegant, full of joy!  And isn’t there a touch of humor.  I think so.  To be able to take the time and let a design develop and go through the design process as it should, is rare in our business.  Perhaps I will have a client that is that eager to build something special, perhaps this next year.

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