We are now dealing with our economic woes of recent history and becoming very ….sensible.  But let’s not be boring.  Here are a few ways we can allow ourselves to yield to those desires for lovely things.  –All things wood and natural–

1. Add a few special accessories, like wood cut orbs, dug out and finished with a natural look. 

2.  The new color schemes are yellows and grays, or deep blues with white.

Keep the overall room in the neutral tones, grays or whites, and add the colors in just a few items, a throw, or pillows or in your window treatments.  The wood elements here should be in a white wash finish.

3.  I am also seeing many soft plush colors like blush pearls and soft taupes.  This is where you can use a sheen.  It can be in the form of very flesh toned silks or soft flowing sheers underneath your bedroom draperies.  Sheers are making a big comeback and there are a multitude of fabulous patterns and tones available.

4.  To compliment the wood pieces you have chosen, use warm tones in natural leathers, chocolates and mink.  A monotone room with several variations on the theme of browns is a cozy invitation to settle in and stay awhile.  A light tan sofa with leather pillows and a rug underneath of many tones of browns and tans will keep the two of you at home.

Home Office with style

Try an updated color scheme

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