YUMMIES at work

Having donuts and coffee. – – at the office.  We are all here.  I’m such a slave driver!  It is Labor Day but we have to have our Hotel designed, do our presentation boards and specification books by Wednesday!  Help!  Well, I have a good team.  We’ll be fine.

As I sip the coffee, I wish I had Sarabeth’ s yummies.  When I lived in New York it was Sarabeth’s Kitchen on the upper west side. So good! Her jams were unbelievable.  And recently I found them available online(I guess she has grown!) on www.onekingslane.com.  It is a shopping site with quite lovely things.  And foodie treats as well.  I like it.  I warn you – not exactly inexpensive.  But they do have sales.  You can also check out www.sarabeth.com.  The tiny cafe is now eight restaurants.  Sure do wish I had her pastries on this busy day.

A tip:   We are using lighter wood finishes on our hotel.  And matte finishes.  It is a great transitional look.

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