Spectrophotometers? Color matching

Spectro what?  It is the machine that is use at your local paint store to match the color of your favorite blouse to a paint color formula.  I just left a continuing education lunch all about color mathematics.  Too much math?  Not really.  Actually, quite facinating.   But the takeaway info is this:  If I want a custom carpet matched to a fabric I am using for a chair, the carpet company, hopefully, will use a spectrophotometer.  Mainly because every set of eyes on that fabric are going to see it just slightly differently.  And, of course, if the manufacturer is under fluorescent lighting and I’m choosing fabrics under daylight from my window, it will not look the same.   hmmmmmmmmmmm – SO?  Well, the main thing I must remember, as a designer, is that I can spend days putting together a wonderful color scheme of fabrics, paints, finishes, etc., and if I don’t take these samples to the space where it will be used, it could be ….a little off.  That is why I almost always try to show my client several schemes.  One or two will look the best in their space, their light.  There is a mathematical leway, so to speak, that is acceptable to that specific interior.  Your light may make the color red look more brownish or bluish.   ALWAYS try out your paint colors on the wall in the room in which it will be used – if at all possible.   More on this later.

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