Small Pleasures

There was a water main break in our area today.  So when I arrived at work, early – I was not able to wash my usual coffee mug(yes, I confess, I left it on my desk the night before).  I reached in the upper cabinets and retrieved one of the nice cups and saucers that we save for clients.  Well, it made me sit up straighter, drink a little less coffee, and enjoy it more.  I felt like I was somehow in a more lovely space.  Silly?   Yes,  I knowwww (hear Craig Ferguson). But it is true!  Sooooo,  at lunch I repeated the experiment.  The local restaurants still had no water, so I could not have a fountain coke.  I had a can of cold green tea in the office frig.  I ate at my desk, as usual.  But I decided to pour the tea into the large stemmed wine glass also reserved for clients.  It made my pimento cheese from Brent’s Drug Store taste even better.

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